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When thinking about risk management, floods – and by association, flood insurance – are often dismissed as a wasted expense or optional add-on. Buyers rationalize that flash floods and damage from rainfall are things that only happen to “other people.” It brings to mind Noah’s ark, surging rivers, and tsunami waves crashing on the coast.  Sadly, however, this is actually something that every person should be thinking about. Damage from elements, particularly water, can have a serious effect on your life. The top three causes of flooding are: Too much rain Broken water main Clogged/blocked external drains A tragedy just [more]
Washington’s GET Program Updates Explained
Many parents in the Pacific Northwest choose to start saving early for their children’s education, including participating in Washington state's Guaranteed Education Tuition (GET) program. However, as tuition starts lowering with the College Affordability Act, the state felt it was necessary to reevaluate the GET program. Board members announced this August that they would be implementing steps to protect participants who bought into the program and assumed tuition would rise. The plan, which goes into effect on August 19th, includes the following: Refunds on amortization fees for investors who purchased credits after 2011 Reimbursements for GET credits bought after July [more]
At Coldstream, we welcome the opportunity to take students into our family and introduce them to the business of wealth management. Through our internship program, we have been able to engage with and develop many students and are very proud of our program’s success. For a look inside what makes being an intern at Coldstream so valuable, we’ve interviewed two of our former interns who are now employed with our firm full-time: Jenny Dunne and Daniel Laris. Jenny, who began her internship at Coldstream in May 2011, says she learned a broad range of professional skills and particularly enjoyed [more]
Coldstream Recent & Upcoming Events Q3:2015
RECENT EVENTS The past quarter has been busy for Coldstream and its employees! We celebrated our 19th Anniversary in April with an office party, and presented another great Strategas Market Update in May. We participated in the Eastside Baby Corner’s inaugural Diaper Drive, winning the “Preakness” Division by donating over 2,290 diapers. Plus, our head of business development Detlef Schrempf and his foundation raised nearly $1,000,000 for local children’s charities at their gala and golf events in June. A selection of Coldstream staff members attended the gala to support and congratulate their colleague. We are also proud to welcome new [more]
Stop the Presses: ACE to Acquire Chubb
On July 1st, the insurance world experienced a major event. I woke at 4:00am for my pre-sunrise run and upon my return home was bombarded with the news: ACE acquires Chubb for $28.3 billion! I did quite a double-take, but much to my surprise, I saw that these two insurance companies had indeed joined forces. Set to close in the first quarter of 2016, this acquisition means continued excellence on a more global scale. ACE, who brings an international platform to the mix, values Chubb’s reputation and market performance. A premier commercial insurer with a presence in 54 countries, ACE [more]
What to Leave When You’re Gone: Estates & Families
In estate planning, there are some common stumbling blocks to completing a plan. Who will care for your children? At what point do you end life-sustaining care? How much should you leave to your children? Perhaps the most challenging of these is the last. Picking a number that provides a leg-up for your heirs while protecting them from leading uninspired, unmotivated lives can seem like the work of a magician. Luckily, our wealth planning experts have put together three ways you can find your magic number. 1. LOOK TO YOUR FAMILY VALUES For each family, the amount left to children [more]
3 Factors That Will Drive Northwest Housing
Newcomers are arriving in record numbers to the Pacific Northwest. Home inventory levels are at ten year lows in many market areas. Three factors, listed below, have the potential to put continued pressure on available housing and consequently drive up valuations. THE MILLENNIAL MORTGAGE BOOM The largest generation in the history of the United States is maturing into their prime home-buying years. Millennials are constantly stereotyped as cash-strapped, unemployed (their unemployment rate soared to 14% during recession lows) and part of the “sharing economy.” Contrary to these opinions, there are a number of reasons why Millennials may become one of [more]
When Much Ado Can Be Something
Since joining Coldstream in December, I have been dubbed the resident bear of our Investment Strategy Group (ISG) – not an easy brand to carry when you first come through the door. Though, to be honest, when it comes to the prospect of this current bull market, I tend to be rather “Eeyoric” compared to my more optimistic counterparts. Perhaps it is appropriate, then, that my turn to scribe a market update came just as the quarter end became – shall we say – entertaining. While I won’t go into the specifics of what has caused the markets to drop [more]